Friday, January 23, 2009

Dallas turned 7

Dallas wanted to do a bowling night for his birthday this year.
After mom was done teaching for the day,
we all drove out to the bowling alley to knock down some pins.
We did the kids in one lane and the adults on the other,
I wanted to be on the kids side cause they had the bumpers!
Everyone did really good
Bayleigh really wanted to get up there, it must of looked fun to her cause we had to keep pulling her back off the lane the entire night
All of the kids did such a great job,
Blake ended up winning on the kids side!
Kevin Ended up winning on the adults side!

After we finished bowling,
Dallas opened his gifts
This is a book from Camey, she got it in Switzerland
and brought it home. She translated it for him into English so he is able to read it...
Of course a super cool pair of shoes for a super cool kid!
Happy birthday Dallas, you are a great brother.
I love you so much and am so thankful that you're in our life.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lots to see

So far the New Year has kept us very busy with lots of new things. We have celebrated so many great birthdays and Camey has come home. We also got to visit with Jake, Camille and Kennedy on the first of the month and Aunt Jeanette and Michael stopped bye to say "hi". I've gotten a little behind on the whole blog thing, but I'm working on playing catch up so if you'd like to see what "the busy B's" have been up to take some time and scroll down the page. There is even more to come soon I hope.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm so glad you're a part of our family

You have been such a blessing to this family. From the minute you were born you have been such a shinning spirit and a great daughter.
Your sisters were so excited to have you join their little gang of Geddes girls
Being your mommy has been so much fun.
You are such a happy baby every minute of the day.
I get lost in those big, beautiful, blue eyes of yours!
~Everyone who meets you falls head over heals for you~
Brooklyn loves to love you
Such a sweet little face
Your daddy loves you so much,
you make his heart melt every time he looks at you
Beef jerky lover from the first time you tasted it,
just like your sister Bella!
Now you've turned one and I can't believe how the year has just flown by.
You have grown up so fast and look at what an amazing little girl you are.
Happy birthday beautiful Bayleigh!
We love you so much and can't wait to celebrate so many more birthdays with you.

Let just say we love to party...

Chelsey and Celo had Isaiah's party at Chuck E Cheeses this year!
It was so much fun playing games
Hanging out with family
and simply spending time together.
Bayleigh wasn't to sure about "Bob the builder".
Celo and Emry hanging
Enjoying the endless salad bar, where we get one and EVERYONE takes turns.
Even Michael (Celo's brother), got to ride on the pony!
Bella just takin a break from all the fun
Ben loves to play all the games, it make him feel like a kid!
Brooklyn had to make sure Aunt Kalynn and Kelsea got to their car safely.
What a great niece...
This was some much fun hanging out with the birthday boy yet again and having so much fun with friends and family. Great job on the party Celo and Chels...

Happy birthday Isaiah

I'll never forget when you were born, I was so excited, I got to be on the other end of birth for once! You were going to be the first baby I had seen born since your aunt Ashley. I remember driving to the hospital and getting a call for Grandma Joy saying they all needed a Starbucks pick-me-upper. So I quickly ran there with a smile bigger then my face cause I knew that the time for you to get here was getting closer and closer.
As I pulled up to the hospital, I then got another call from grandma saying that something has gone wrong and I needed to get in here as soon as possible. They were taking your mom off for an emergency c-section and that you were in distress.
I just started to cry, thinking that there was a chance that something really bad might happen. When I walked in the door your dad was there in the hall, worried and hoping everything would work out for the best. We waited and waited to hear some kind of news. We were in a great hospital and the staff was a very good support.
When they got you out you were not breathing. They had to work on you a bit and you finally took your first breath. You only got to stay at this hospital for a short time cause you needed the care of the I.C.U. and it was located at the downtown hospital.
Everything turned out to be just fine with you after your five days in the I.C.U. You were a healthy, strong boy. Your parents surprised us all by bring you home and not telling us. I walked in the front door and out of the corner of my eye I saw you laying on the couch. I was so happy that you were finally home with your family.
You have been my FAT MONKEY from the beginning.
Such a sweet soul had been given to us four years ago!
Through these four years you've blossomed from the curly haired little baby you once were
Making as much of a mess as possible
(Lets be honest it more fun this way)
Always having such a great time with any family activity that you went to
and just being truly an adorable kid.
Thank you Isaiah, for all your love you give to each of us, everyday!
Happy birthday (Even if it's a few days late) to you on your special day.
I truly feel blessed to celebrate your BIRTHday.

Happy birthday Isaiah and Welcome home Camey!

January 8, 2009 was a great day. Camey Kaye came home after being gone for a year. She went to work in Switzerland to help a family with their three girls. She had a blast spending her time there, but we are so excited to have her home.
My little fat Monkey also turned four today. He is seriously the cutest boy in town, he is so full of energy and has such a big personality.
We stopped by Kathy's (Chelsey's mother in-laws) to say "hi " to everyone and they were having a birthday party for Isaiah. So we came in and partied with them for a little while.
We all enjoyed pizza and soda together.
Grandma Kathy made him his cake and we all
gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday" to him.
After we finished with the song, Isaiah wanted to cake the cake for everyone. He would decide how big each piece was going to be depending on who's turn it was. It only lasted a little while cause he needed to eat his own piece.
It was such a fun night spent with family, welcoming Camey home and celebrating Isaiah's fourth birthday. Welcome home Camey and Happy birthday Isaiah.