Sunday, September 13, 2009

State Fair 2009

We made it to the state fair this year.
We had to go on opening day cause Ben
was leaving for the military three short days later.
This has become a sorta of tradition for us each year to go.
I get my picture taken with each of the kids in a black/white photo booth.
(I post this years black/white pics on the next post)
We went with Camey and the kids she watches,
Emry, Joe, Kalynn and Kelsea.

Right off the start it started to get hot, we decided it was a perfect time to grab something to eat and sit in the shade. The food was not that good this year, it tasted like they had gotten cheaper with the ingredients. But we all managed to eat just fine I guess!

Emry could only stay for a little bit,
but we sure enjoyed having him with us while he was.
The wine and cheese garden was a really cute display of over sized
snails, butterflies, toadstools, bee hives etc.

There is a new museum opening up in Sacramento and they had some displays for the kids to play with. It was a very fun stop for all of them.

With the mixture of the heat and all the fun activity Bayleigh couldn't help herself!
This was a piece of art someone did made completely out of tooth picks.

Bella loves to take pictures also...
Joe and Blake went on this together.
Joe sure was a good sport about going,
he's not a BIG fan of the swings.
It sure was a great day at the fair, we all had a lot of fun. It was super hot most of the day but we held in there for the long hall. We stood in line for over an hour to ride the tram. All in all we were there from 11 in the morning to 10 at night. For me this has always been my way of ending the summer and starting the school year. I am so glad we got to go and so happy we got to do it with such great people.

Family sleepover

Since we were on the count down for Ben's departure the kids made a sort of bucket list of stuff they wanted to do with "daddy" before he left. One of them was a family sleep over in the living room. So we pulled the top mattress off of our bed, plus made a few extra on the couch.
While working at Bed, Bath and Beyond Ben came across a recipe on how to make a great banana split. So we decided to make it for the treat at the sleep over.

We also rented three kids movies to watch while
we ate some really good "movie" popcorn.

This is how they turned out.
I'd have to say that this is one great banana split!
We all really enjoyed them...

It sure was a great night and I am so glad we had the
opportunity to do this with the kids before Ben left.