Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January birthdays...

January seems to be one of our
busy months for birthdays...
We started the month off with
Aunt Jeanette b-day on the 2nd!
We didn't get to spend it with her but she had a
great day in the bay area with her three guys.
Then we celebrated Isaiah turning the big 5 on the 8th.
Chelsey did a bowling for him and it was a blast knocking all
those pins down.
Then on the 11th our sweet Bayleigh turned 2
and we all went to Wacky Tacky to play
the night away. It is so hard to believe that our baby is
already this big. Where has the last two years gone???
On the 13th Dallas turn the ripe old age of 8 and is now
getting ready to be baptized. What a great little brother
this kid is!
Last but not least, Joe is turning 31 on the 24th.
I'm not sure if we'll see him on his birthday but it will be a great
celebration in Tahoe if we don't.
We are so grateful that we got to be apart of all of the celebrating.
Happy birthday to all of our January babies...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Geddes Family

This is the family picture that Kalynn put together for us.
It turned out so cute and she did such a great job.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What have we been up to???

Needless to say December has been a very busy month for us...
We started off with getting a Christmas tree first thing. We go to the same lot
every year, sorta a tradition you could say!
Then of course it snowed here for a brief moment
and that was exciting for all of us.
Then we got to have Ben come home for 2 weeks for Christmas.
This was the best gift our family got this Christmas.

Ashley also got to come home for a visit,
so we got to have the whole family home for the holidays.
We celebrated our birthdays...
Camey turned 21
and I turned 29.
Camey and I both agree that this was one of the best
birthdays ever. We really had tons of fun.
I did breakfast with my Dad and Ami,
Lunch with Marc, Jan, Joe, Kalynn and Kelsea
and dinner with everyone else.
Kalynn made this beautiful picture for me.
Chelsey and Michael
Joe and Kelsea
We had Dad and Ami over for Christmas Eve.
Chelsey made a great dinner for us all.
We hung out all night laughing, talking and having a good time.

Then we did our traditional Christmas P.j.'s.
Ever year we all get our Christmas P.j.'s

This year we also got a new little addition.
Mrs. Clause sent us "An Elf on the Shelf".
He sits and watches the kids to make sure their being good
and reports back to Santa every night.
Then he would find a new spot to sit in every morning.
The kids loved getting up every morning to find him.
Then on December 24 he goes back to the
North Pole and if the kids were good all month, Santa comes.
Our tree already for the kids to wake up!
Christmas Morning...
We had a blast opening presents together.
Camey stayed with us again,
it's become another one of our Christmas traditions.

Then we headed over to my moms house for a Christmas breakfast,
we also did a gift exchange and hung out playing Dallas's new Wii.
Later on we went over to Marc and Jan's house but I left my cameras at home so I have no pictures to show. We sure had a very fun time over there also. We stayed pretty late while the kids played and we all visited.
Then the day after Christmas Ben and I loaded up
the van and drove up the South Lake Tahoe.
Ben's brother moved up there a few months ago and
we decided it was time to go see there new house.
Marc and Jan also came and we were able to do
a big family photo.
(I'll post it next)
It was such a blast playing in the snow
and hanging out up in Tahoe.

We had a great December and hope that everyone else enjoyed their holiday season.
It sure was a very busy month but it was fun one.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to everyone.