Friday, November 5, 2010

Happpy Halloween

Halloween was a blast this year, we had some
fantastic visitors.
Jake and Ashley came out for a trip and we all had a blast!
Happy 19 years of marriage to
such a great couple.
We hung out with Dad and Ami for the festivities,
there was family, food and fun!
Bella was Alice
Brooklyn was Sleeping Beauty
Blake was a Phantom
Bayleigh was Cinderella
Isaiah was The Mad Hatter
Emry was The Chain Saw Massacre
There were buddies
Even Brandon dresses up...
Baby Abriana was a
Pretty Kitty
We ate some great chili, corn
bread and maze.
Here is Abriana all bundled up
while we made the candy rounds.
Here's Bayleigh going strong
and here's Grandpa being a good sport after
Bayleigh wore out towards the end!
It was a great night and we walked away with
about 12 pounds of candy! We've decided to
send it to the soldiers who are serving
our country right now through a program our school
is teaming up with. The kids thought it was a GREAT idea
after we told them were it was going.
We hope everyone had a great Halloween!
Thanks again Dad and Ami...