Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What color was your egg?

Every year I get so excited about coloring Easter eggs.
Then when it comes time to do it I get super nervous about all the kids,
the dye and some sort of craziness to happen.
Then as we start to dye the eggs each kids does a great job.
They had very little to no mess and took their time with each egg they did!
This year we had a few friends over as well as Dallas
to join us in our egg dying adventures.
We did it in shifts this time,
starting with the little kids first..

Then we brought the big kids in for some fun!

All in we dyed 58 eggs.
Ben ate two of them to make sure they were actually hard boiled.
Hope everyone enjoyed their egg dying experiences this year.

Our first snow day in almost two years

My mom got one of her rooms up in Tahoe,
so we headed up the mountain for a day full of fun playing in the snow.
It has been a long time since we went and had a snow day. The kids were so excited to play in the snow, they went sledding, threw snowballs and even managed to lose a shoe or two.
Brooklyn wanted to wear her rain boots up to the snow, it sounded like a good idea to me. Even after they were pulled off by the snow while she went down the hill backwards. She thought it was so funny she couldn't wait to get back up the hill to try it again.
Daddy ran down the hill to help her put them back on.
Her feet did get a little wet but she didn't mind at all.
Dallas talked Kevin into walking all the way to the top of the hill. They had a blast sledding down at full speed. Dallas is always such a daring kid. As soon as Brooklyn saw that he lived through it, she was up there right behind him.
What a silly girl we have!
(Her tongue is green due to the candy she was eating at the time she decided to stick it out, lovely child!)
Bayleigh fell asleep while we were sledding down the hill.
The next morning it was snowing, so right before we left her and Bella played in the snow.
Blake took this for us.
(It's nice that one of our kids are big enough to take pictures now).
Yeah we let our kids play in the snow in their P.J.'s!
It sure was fun to take the kids up the hill for some snow fun.
It was a fast but a very fun trip. I love being two hours from the mountains and the ocean.
Thanks again mom!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our fun at Bodega Bay

My mom took us to Bodega Bay for two days a few weeks ago. I was pregnant with Brooklyn the last time we went, so when she ask if we wanted to go I was so excited.
All of the grand children were there and Dallas
Our first night we all went swimming down at the pool.
After getting all cleaned up,
the kides snuggled up in bed and watched a movie
Uncle Wo-Wo (Celo) put Bella on the back of the pull down bed.
She thought it was so funny...
The next morning we all got ready to drive to the beach.

We found a great spot to hang out at and play.

We brought lunch with us so we could have a picnic at the beach.
Sand always finds it's way into everything! Yummy
We had so much fun at the beach

We tried to build sand castles, but the sand wasn't wet enough for it. So instead we dug holes and buried each others feet in the sand.
It was such a nice day.
We even tried to fly kites but it was a bit harder then it looked.
All the kids LOVED the sand so much.
When we got back to the room we were all tired.
We made dinner and watched a movie.

It sure was fun going to the beach before spring ended. During our drive along the coast we played a game counting how many hawks we could see. On the way in we counted 8 and on the way out we counted 11. The kids loved seeing how many we could find.
Thanks mom for letting come along for the fun.
We sure did enjoy going!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Brooklyn's first game....

This year is Brooklyn's first year to play t-ball.
She is totally loving every chance she gets to play.
She looks so great in her uniform. She found a great pair of these bright red cleats totally complete the entire get-up!
Every time she is on, waiting for the next batter to hit the ball, she stands on the base like this. Her hands in the ear holes of the helmet. It is so funny watching her in such anticipation for the next player to go.
They both wanted the ball!
We asked Bella if she was ready to play t-ball yet and she told us
"Not yet, I's not to big for it yet".
Blake thought it was very "unfair" that we wouldn't let him run off to the park. We told him that now it was his turn to watch, just like we have all done for him...
It was finally time to start the game.
She was so excited.
She was second up to bat.

She hit with such passion.

You could just see the excitement beaming off of her.
The team was all so happy about their first game.

Then it came time for the game ball...
The person who won the ball
-Had a big smile on their face the whole game
-Went after every ball no matter where it landed in the field
-Was full of such energy
and the winner is...

None other then..
Brooklyn Reese
Here she is with coach Scott
he is really good with all of the kids on the team.
Shay, Brooklyn's friend came with us to the game.
I am so happy to see Brooklyn have such a great time out there. She did such a great job and made her mom and dad very proud. Now we have two very good sports players. Good job Brooklyn, you did an amazing job!