Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where has the time gone to???

We started the month off with a short trip to Lake Tahoe.
Ashley was in town so we went and had some fun up in the
snow. Joe, Kalynn and Kelsea came and
hung out with us also!
We spent the night cooking dinner and hanging out.

Then we got ready and went down to the spa
for some warm water time.
We also went to a ski run and did some sledding.
The kids had a blast going down those hills.

We always seem to have a group with us wherever we go...
We left the next day after stopping by Joe and Kalynn's
house for some hot chocolate and cookies.
It had already started to snow so I
was a bit nervous driving down.
We made it home just fine though!
This is just a silly picture of Bayleigh
Then for one of Bella's filed trips we went for a ride on the
light rail. The kids had a great time and did way better then
I thought they would on it.
A couple of Fridays ago the kids and I played hooky
from school and had a fun day. We went to whole food for breakfast
played for over 2 hours in the little store they have
for kids. My friend Lisa and her son George
came with us.

We have now begun our baseball season again
and have also added Comp. soccer into the mix.
Blake made it onto a comp team this year, so he is
doing both for now.

Brooklyn had a leprechaun trap project for school.
It was a lot of fun helping her make this.
On St. Patrick's day we took the kids over to the
Fountains for some Big Spoon. We walked down to watch the
water and eat our yummy frozen yogurt.

Hope everyone else in enjoying the month of March.
We just seem to be SUPER busy with life,
but we're sure having a fun time doing it!