Monday, February 23, 2009

Blake's 7th birthday

Believe it or not, Blake has turn 7.
This year we had the party at our apartment, I was a bit worried about how everyone was going to fit but it all it all worked out perfectly.
I had the parents drop their kids off first and then they could come back a few hours later to do pizza, cake and presents.
This is Ben wearing Blake's new helmet we got him
and the new scooter Emry and Isaiah got him.
It is so hard to believe that I have a seven year old!
Here's Chelsey and Blake with his new scooter
Even Bella and George rocked out to rock band during the party...
Here's Brooklyn jumping on the couch, holding all the balloons, I think she thought it might help her float!
No one loved the cake as much a Bayleigh,
she couldn't get enough.
Here's the birthday cake for Blake
He loved everything he got from all of his family and friends
"thank you"

We even got to see Camey's twins that she use to babysit, they came over for the party...
Blake and Nate
Party like a rock star!

She hung at the chip bowl for quite so time
It was so much fun celebrating Blake,
he is such a great kid and a really good big brother.
Happy birthday Blakey boy!

My latest scrapbook page...

This is a page I did of Brooklyn and Grandpa Marc...
I've wanted to do this page for so long and I finally got it done.
I love the was it turned out...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baking Cookies

Who doesn't love a really good sugar cookie?
So this Valentines day holiday we decided to make some...
First we had to start with the best sugar cookie maker I've ever met!
Next Some great kids who love to have fun
and of can do a great job getting dirty.
Then came time to get started...
The boys wrestled with Savanna while we did all the baking
Then once all the cookies were baked the real fun finally got started!
We had pink, purple and white frosting,
we also had heart shaped sprinkles, shredded cinnamon sprinkle
and pink and white sprinkles.
It was so much fun decorating our cookies just the way we wanted them.
The kids loaded them up with as much sugar as the cookie could hold

The best part about all that sugar is the kids could only making it through a few bites and then one by one they would say that they wanted to save it till later. I serouily don't think there is anything better then being a mom, even though it is trying at times, my kids make this the best job in the world.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Look at what Brooklyn did

I wanted to grow some flower for the spring...
So we went to Walmart, found some seeds that we liked,
came home and planted them.
Nothing was happening for such a long time. I tend not to have the greenest of thumb, so I started to get a bit discouraged and was going to give up. So this is when Brooklyn decided that she was going to take over.
She would water these little flowers when ever they looked dry to her...
The other morning as we were getting ready to leave for school she let out this loud squall, I turned around to see what was wrong and she says to me "Mama, look at my pretty flowers!"
I was so proud of her, I started to tear up when I saw these beautiful flower starting to open.
Not only did we get great pink ones, we've also got white and purple ones now. I'm so happy Brooklyn wanted to take over. I guess she is the one with the green thumb in this family!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Three times the fun

In January of 2008 two of my friends and I had babies
on the 11th, the 24th and last but not least the 28th.
We all met through our boys, who were all on the same soccer team
and in the same kindergarten class.
We all got together to celebrate the newly turned one year old's at Juli's.
She got them each their own special birthday cake to enjoy on their own...
Between the four of us we have 13 kids to entertain.
I have 4, Juli has 4, Sara has 3 and Kacey has 2.
The babies totally went to town,
these little cakes never stood a chance!
She also got them princess or prince crowns

Then we sat them all together and let them open their gifts.
The bigger kids were really helpful with this part.
Bayleigh got this owl stuffy from Juli,
she also made her a great owl blanket

It was so much fun at the one year old's little party,
Thank you Juli for volunteering your house for this very exciting event.
We can't believe an entire year has just flown by.