Monday, September 29, 2008

One step at a time

Bayleigh was at the end of our couch bugging smokie, our cat, then I guess she decided to just take a little stroll along the side towards me...

Clean laundry

How many loads do you think this is?
6, 8, or 10
I lost count at fifteen!
Now before you judge think to yourself, am I a mother of four, are there only six years between the four of them and do you hate doing laundry? If you answer yes to any of these questions then I only have one question for you, why aren't you teaching mothers like me how to be a mother like you?
Now my pile isn't always this big, it was abnormally bigger this time so that is why I took the picture. When Chelsey was over for the weekend of HELL she couldn't take my pile anymore and forced me to help her do it. So the 1st picture is the pile at which we started. The 2nd picture is after folded piles of everyone's clean laundry got put away. The 3rd one is of the ironing pile, which I do every time I do laundry.
The 4th one is of things that have already been ironed and needed to be hung up.
The 5th and final one is the pile that Chelsey found of Emry and Isaiah's things that had been left here over time and stuff Blake had grown out of and Isaiah will now be using. What an event, maybe it's me, maybe I truly like to make everything an event... Hahahaha!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This weekend

This weekend I knew we had a lot to do but I was up for the challenge! The weather had been very nice lately and as long as it's not too hot I'm up for anything, little did I know... The weekend was suppose to consist of game #3 at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, then a birthday party of one of Blake's friends was going on Saturday evening and soccer pictures for Ben and Blake Sunday morning. Now I want to share with you what actually happen...
After talking with Chelsey earlier in the morning we thought that a sleep over with the cousin's sounded like fun, so we went to get Chelsey and the boys Friday after Blake got out of school. On the way home we dropped half of the kids with Ben, then headed off shopping at Walmart to get some fun snacks for the sleep over. Once we got back and had everything all unloaded it was about six and Bayleigh started waking up from her evening snooze.

When I got to our room to grab her she was doing the "hungry" cry which to her means it's time to nurse. So I climbed in bed to get ready to nurse her and she starts throwing up all over me and our bed, I mean all over me and the bed. Keep in mind that it is dark in my room cause I of course didn't turn a light on, so I couldn't really seeing where any of it's going and I start freaking out a bit, being covered in puke and all...

I start calling Chelsey's name, asking her to please tun on a light, luckily she was at the computer so she was very close. Needless to say I then realize at this point that Bayleigh was now infected with the flu and that this was only going to be the beginning of my very long weekend. I spent the rest of my night taking care of Bayleigh who pretty much throw-up on and off the entire night, even though there was nothing left in her stomach. Luckily if she was puking she was sleeping, so I got to do laundry or recovery during this time.

I keep hoping that she would be the only one to get this and that we wouldn't have an epidemic on our hands, I was also worried about Emry and Isaiah getting it while they were here. By the next morning everything seemed to have claimed down a bit an Bayleigh was doing better. None of the other kids were showing any signs of anything so I thought we were in the clear for sure. Never count your eggs before their hatched!

After taking Chels and the boys home and Blake to his party, the second wave of " you've got to be kidding" hit us and it hit all of us good. Blake had gone over to my moms to sleep, Kevin had taken Dallas and him out for the night and he wanted to sleep over after they were done. My mom says that Blake started to puke everywhere at about 3:00a.m. in the morning and it didn't stop the rest of the night. She was up with him the entire time, he couldn't even hold water down. On our home front Brooklyn came into our room around mid-night and after laying down by me of course the only thing I heard was "mom, my tummy hurts" and then it was loud vomiting sounds that followed, so once again I was covered in puke and cursing Ben for now lucking out for the second time. Keep in mind that we had no idea that Brooklyn wasn't the only one sick, my mom didn't call me till 8:30 in the morning to tell me about Blake.

Not only had we exposed Emry, Isaiah and Chelsey to this, now Dallas, Mom and Kevin were also in the line of fire, how great for them right. So once again I was up this time with Brooklyn, who could at least use a bowl, but still hated this happening to her just as much. I spent the night up with her rubbing her back and telling her " it's all going to be alright". By the morning I was so worn out, really not knowing what to do. I started to wash my bed sheets for the second time, after the day before doing nothing but laundry. Blake was of course was home by 9:00 in the morning and braved soccer picture, exposing everyone there to this, but of course not wanting to miss out on team photos, I think that was more me then him, being a picture addict and all. Ben took him and I stayed home to do more puke patrol.

By Sunday evening it was my turn to endure this horrible flu, it hit me the worst Monday morning of course and Ben was off to work which left my home alone with four kids and sick to death. This was a weekend from HELL, not only was there vomiting but then after you start to feel better, the diarrhea starts,I would of way rather had the weekend I originally planned on having. Not to mention that your body hurts the whole time and you only want to sleep. Poop, puke and I are not friends after this. I felt so bad that Chelsey and the boys were here when this happen but I did have lots of fun with them here, these are some fun pictures of our morning eating breakfast and being silly. This was the best part of the entire weekend! Sorry this is a really long post but it was an even longer weekend and then some...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Game #2

Getting out the door by 8:00a.m. in the morning seemed to be easier this time. We get up at 6:30a.m. so we can get all the kids dressed, grab all the soccer stuff, breakfast on the go and off to the field we go. It is over by Aunt Jeanette's old house at Sargent school so we have about a 15 minute drive.
The team did a great job playing, they are really working on staying spread out evenly and really defending their goal. We also have some really strong goalies this season.

Here's Bella posing for me

Here's Bayleigh sitting in my chair, she gets this very proud look when she can sit there all by herself, it's like" look at me I'm such a big girl and don't you dare try and take me out of here" look!
The team won this game 3-1 and couch Ben couldn't of been happier. They all did a really good playing their hardest out there.This is my friend Sara's baby Colton, he and Bayleigh always play on the blanket at practice and games. Even though Bayleigh doesn't use a passy (as we call them) on a regular basis she seems to think that taking Colton's from him is a really funny game. Colton on the other hand doesn't think it's so funny and get really made, Bayleigh seems to be the blanket bully and so we are currently working on her people skills.

Brooklyn started four year old pre-school!

Now Brooklyn has started school this year also!
She was so excited to get to go to her new class
Her day starts five minutes after Blake's so that makes it really easy for me, I love it!
She was so excited for her class to start and to meet her teacher for the first time.
This year her teachers name is Mrs. Sheri.
This is her friend Joey, she got together with her over the summer
and was so glad the were in the same class again this year.
Mom and her baby girl!
Brooklyn couldn't wait to get right to work.

Blake's First Soccer Game!

This was the first game of the soccer year and Ben's first game as coach...
The team did really good moving up and down the field,
trying to keep the ball away from the other team
and scoring goals!
Unfortunately we lost the game 6-2, Ben's was totally bummed out,
but knows that it is just a game after all!
The whole team played great and we're so excited about a great soccer seasons,
Go Wolves!

Blake's first day of first grade!

So Ben and I officially have a first grader!
It is so hard to believe how time has just flown by with our little Blake.

The girls were such great sports in going along for the ride. This was the first day to our early mornings that now begin at 6:30. The summer has allowed us last nights and even later morning so this was a big adjustment.
We all met at our friend Kacey's house so that we could walk the boys to school.

Brooklyn had to keep up with the boys, she can't get left behind anytime!

Mason is in a different class the Blake and Nate are so they had to say their "Goodbye" and I had to of course get one more picture.
Bella took the whole trip on Ben's shoulders!
This is the boys in front of their new class...
Dad and Blake
Mom and Blake
Blake in his new desk, getting ready to start his new year.
This is Mrs. Julian, Blake's new teacher
Here are the four boys in front of their old kindergarten classroom at the end of their first day. They all said it was a great first day of school and I would have to say that I did really good myself also. Not one tear this time! I must say time really does fly when your having fun, to those out there who will one day find yourself in my shoes, make sure you enjoy everyday you have with these sweet little children, this happened a lot sooner then I thought it would.