Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy birthday Emry

I know that this happened a while ago but I still want to post this.
Our sweet (not so little) Emry turn 11 last month.
Talk about time flying by.
Chelsey had another great birthday party for him over at my mom house.
We did presents.
Had cake.

And even did a pinata.
After they broke it open and collected all the candy,
we had a great canned string fight.
We were covered in it and it was a blast.

This is the party walking back over to my moms house
once we finished with the pinata across the street at the park.
Then we got back to the other fun.
Chelsey rented two bounce houses for us to play on.
One was this water slide that everyone
took turns going down.

Bayleigh dropped her lollipop and was
not at all pleased with the dirty covering it!

The other one was this big bounce house.

Happy birthday Emry, you truly are an amazing kid.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our fun camp out in Grandma Ami and Grandpa Duane's backyard.

A few weekends back we went over to my
dad's house to have a sleep over in the backyard.
Since we have so many little kids this had been one of the best
ways for us to enjoy camping. Ami set the whole
yard up for the event. There were tents,
sleeping bags and even a place for a fire.
My dad barbecued hot dogs and steak. There was a game of badminton going off and on and Grandpa even had a t.v. out so the boys could play video games. As the night went on we did a bit of roasting marshmallows.
We hung out by the fire,
enjoying a nice evening outside.
The kids all had so much fun hanging out with their Grandparents.
Bayleigh loved being outside the entire time.
She is our nature girl for sure.
Sleeping went really good during the night. All the kids slept in two tents and Ben, Ami and I slept under the stars. Grandpa got sent in the house, Blake said he snores way to loud.
We all ate donuts for breakfast
and hung out enjoying a nice cool morning.
After we were all finished we got ready to head over to the pool at my dads elks club.

We swam there for over an hour. It was a great pool and we were the only people there. The pool was 8 feet deep and we all had a blast swimming.
Before we left we had one last snack by the pool.
It sure was a nice camp-out.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting us all come over.