Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or treat fun...

The last four years we have taken the kids to a
church around the corner from my moms house
to go trunk or treating. This year we had a bunch
of friends and family come with us.
Bayleigh is a baby ballerina here cause it was
84 degrees out and her bunny costume
would of been way to hot for her!
This is Olivia, my friend Kacey's Daughter,
she was such a cute Snow white
Here is our sweet Bella and she was
so excited to be a beautiful Cinderella
Under that very scary mask is
our adorable nephew Isaiah
This is our big girl ballerina
(she's going to be Alice but her costume has not yet arrived)
She was so happy to be the same as Bayleigh...
Blake finally got to be a star wars character this year,
so he chose Darth Maul
His friend Nate came with us
Nate was also star wars,
he wanted to be Jango Fett
Behind this scary mask is
my sweet little brother Dallas
I love Emry's the best, he was the mask
from scary movie and he totally
cracked me up, he is such a funny boy...
Bayleigh sucked on this lollipop
till it was completely gone
"Trunk or treat"
Here's uncle wo-wo being
so funny with Chelsey
and here is a picture of most of our group. Aunt
Kalynn and Uncle Joe were a tree and a banana
and their new baby Kelsea was a baby monkey.
We sure did have a blast and I
am so excited for Halloween to get here!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Making it worth it...

I couldn't past this up... I was at target the other day looking for Halloween shirts for the kids and came across these three. Bayleigh's was only five bucks and I am really into owls right now so this one was perfect. (We call Bayleigh Hootie, so I have been getting a collection of owl wear)
Then I came across these two for Brooklyn and Bella and fell in love with them. Then checked the price tag and did a double gulp. They were close to eight bucks, then times two, plus cute leggings to go with them that were nine bucks, times two, another double gulp. It wasn't really the amount of money, it was the amount of money for something so seasonal.
So I convinced myself that if I had them wear them at least once a week, for three weeks and just flipped them back and forth between the two girls then I would totally get my monies worth. Plus I can past them down next year also.

When I showed the girls the shirts they were so excited, they couldn't wait to wear them. I love that they're Hello Kitty, cause I wore this stuff when I was younger.
I think I have taken pictures every time they wear they them

and even though it might be a bit of over kill, I still love it.

Halloween is becoming one of my favorite holidays around, the kids can't wait to go trick or treating and have all picked out what they're going to be.
Bella is going to be Cinderella
Brooklyn is going to be Alice in wonderland
Bayleigh is going to be the white rabbit
Blake is going to be Darth Maul

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My sweet Bella

This is a very special little girl, she has been given the name "the lost child" cause of her place in the birthing order. She's not in school yet and not the baby anymore, our time always seems to be spread out with school stuff or baby needs.
Bella is such a good sport about being the third child. Most people I know in this place are the most neediest in the family. Not our sweet Bella, She just waits and waits till she sees a time to get some time to her self. She get to stay up a bit later then the rest of the kids and we wait till she falls asleep to put her bed.She is a very cuddly, loving girl who always makes my heart melt,
even when she's in a grumpy mood.
We were home together the other day just spending
time together and I took some fun pictures of her.
I love having Bell and Me time, I feel so lucky to have her as a daughter.(I love all of my other kids just as much so please don't get the wrong idea
This is just a post for Bella)!

Our Cat Smokie...

This is our cat Smokie, Smokie Joe or old Smokie,
which ever you feel like calling him!
He is probably Bella's favorite toy to play with, even when he really doesn't want to be played with. He lets her just lay down right on top of him and rock back and forth on him. When she was even smaller she would try to ride him like a horse.
Ben got him for me for an anniversary gift, I really wanted to get a kitten and so Ben took me to pick him out. We got him from a home that rescued strays, his mom was a stray and ended up having him after she was rescued. We have had Smokie for almost eight years now and just love him so much. He was such a small kitten when we got him and now he weighs well over twenty pounds. He was sorta like Clifford the big red dog, only dialed down a bit...
We think he has more of a personality like dog, he comes when he's called, only drinks out of the sink(like dogs do out of toilets), can open any door by jumping up and pulling down the handle, likes to do back flips, thinks you need to get out of his way verses him getting out of yours and when he gets upset his tail will flop back and forth till you get the hint.
I am so grateful for our cat smokie, he has been such a great member of this family. He is so good with all the kids and tolerates almost everything they do to him. I have to say that he is definitely the best cat around, hands down!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An old time favorite!

To me this is one of the few
traditions we had as children...
One of my favorite parts about fall in Apple Hill.
We try to make there at least once a year and
sometimes we are lucky enough to go more.
Chelsey, Celo and the boys came with us
Getting our faces painted is one of the new things we
like to do now on top of everything else.
I love getting my face done, it had to be something Halloween!
Look how big Emry is...
Blake is so darn cute
Sweet Brooklyn
Such a cute Isaiah
Bella is a love
Adorable Bayleigh
The whole gang
Bayleigh with her uncle wo-wo
What a great family picture, Bella wasn't really in
the picture mood but we did it anyways...