Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brooklyn's Birthday trip to Disneyland!

So here they finally are...
For those who don't know, Ben has decided to join the National Guard. He was suppose to ship out before Brooklyn's birthday so we decided to take the kids to Disneyland early this year for Brooklyn's birthday.
(Her birthday isn't till the 20th of April)
This was our very first family trip. Usually we go with some part of our extended family and it's always been a blast. However this time it was just us and it was a ton of fun.

Ben and I feel truly blessed to be able to take our family here. It has been a very hard year and this was such a nice break from our reality.

Right as we walked through the gates she was the first character who met us. Our kids had actually not yet seen 101 Dalmatians, so they really weren't to sure who she was. Luckily we brought the movie with us so they got to see it in the van later.
Then we saw him
(I'm not sure if this is Chip or Dale)
Since our first day was a Thursday
there were no lines and all the characters were out to take pictures with us.
We got it done with her...
and him...
Then we made our way down Main Street!
Our first stop was the corndog truck that we had been missing since the last time we got one over two years ago. This is something you can't miss out on when you go.
After we finished eating our amazing corn dogs we headed to our first ride of the day. My first ride always has to be Pirates of the Caribbean. It has always been my favorite ride and is something we always do when we come. I guess you can say it's a tradition for me!
This is a giant piece of petrified wood. If you know how long it takes to get to this point, then you would know how cool this is.
Next was the Haunted Mansion , who doesn't love this ride?
Oh wait, none of them some much after we got off! I had to promise that this was the only time we went.
Blake took this for me while I was changing diapers...
Then Bella needed a turn of course.
Brooklyn trying on some Minnie ears
Then some great family shots

Here we are in line for Dumbo

Blake went alone
and the three of us went in this one
Ben needed a rest and so Bayleigh had to sit this one out
she still got to at least sit in a dumbo though.
He is one of my favorite characters
Then Bayleigh finally needed some down time
So we ate!
Then we headed over to Toon Town
This is one of my favorite places to take the kids cause is like being in a cartoon.

We went into Mickey's house

and looked around
Brooklyn even ate some cake.

We stopped by Minnie's but it was a bit to busy for us. I did however need to take a picture by the mail box. Sorta something I've done with Brooklyn since she was little and now Bella also!

I got this picture of Bella on her very first roller coaster, it is the Chip and Dale one that is all the way at the end of Toon Town. She actually did really good!

Then it was time for Small World. Bayleigh and Bella loved this ride so much. Half way through the ride they were both singing the song.
I took this picture for my dad, he loves himself some tiki.
They give you these great buttons to wear on your first visit. I have gotten one for everyone of our kids now. They have them in City Hall and you get them for free, who doesn't love that!
(I have written the date of their first visit in permanent marker on the back of each one so that way they will always know)
All four of our great kids
Daddy and Bayleigh
Here we are in California Disney
We took the kids over to watch the Play House Disney show that they put on, LIVE.
(Brooklyn loves to go cross eyed for the camera, she thinks it's so funny)
They kids all had so much fun the entire time.
They all were singing and dancing around non-stop!
Then they threw pennies in the fountain and made wishes.
While we were making wishes, Minnie walked up and we got to take another shot with her!

Bella took this while we waited for Ben to go on California Screamin. He was the only one that got to go, I didn't want to make the kids wait for both of us.
This was new since the last time we were here.
They move their eyes and everything, it was so cute.
Blake just hanging out
I just love this picture...
We stood in line for over an hour to see Tinker Bell and her friends.
Blake wasn't quite sure why he wanted to be in this line, but still was a great sport anyways!

Then we went to the Golden Horse Shoe Bar.
Did you know that this is from the original Disneyland, it's been around from the beginning.

Next was the tree house

This was after the Winnie the Pooh ride. Right before we went on this I took Brooklyn and Blake on Splash Mountain. They both did really good for their first time.
While I was getting ready one of the mornings I walked out to find my baby looking like this. I guess this is what happens when your dads name is Ben and your the youngest of four!
Each of the kids picked their favorite hats out at the downtown Disney store...

and even found a favorite toy!
In the end Blake got these "cool" glasses
and Brooklyn got this hat.
I can't express how truly grateful I am for this trip.
We had such an amazing time as a family
and made some truly unforgettable memories.
With everything the last year has handed us, I couldn't of asked for a better relief then the three days we spent here in the magic kingdom.
We hope you enjoy all the pictures that are here.
I know there's a lot but I wanted to share them
with all of you out there in the blogging world.
These are from one of our many trips on Winnie the Pooh's ride. This was one of the very favorites of all four of the kids.

We also got ice cream at the oh so cute ice cream parlor. I have wanted to do that for years but it always seemed to get pasted by. So this time Ben made sure it happened for sure. I was so happy!

Happy Birthday Brooklyn...
I am so happy that we still had the chance to take you here and celebrate your 5th birthday like I said I wanted to. We had such a great time with you and I am so glad that Daddy still got to be apart of it. You're an amazing daughter and we love you so much!