Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bella's Thanksgiving performance

Bella was the sixth little Indian in her song...
She was so cute up on stage with her
fellow kindergartens!
She knew all the words and we had so much fun watching
her cute little show.
Grandpa Duane came over from work to
Auntie Camey also came before her busy
day of school.
Here's Bella and Olivia,
what adorable little Indians
they made!
I am so thankful for cute little moments
like these. Our kids are growing up
so fast and I am going to miss these
sweet little activities.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

What a great Halloween we all had this year.
Not only was it Halloween but it was also my
Dad and Amy's 20th wedding Anniversary.
Jack Sparrow
Ariel Alice
Scarey DallasThe kids all had such a fun time with their costumes and
were so excited about getting all dressed up.
Even Ben got into the fun!We walked all over my Dad and Ami's neighborhood. Till our buckets were full and the kids were tired...
Their buckets got so heavy from all
the candy that the parents
ended up carrying them back to the house.
Bella even managed a ride from Grandpa's
poor shoulders.
Chelsey's cute kids were the best
Mickey, Minnie and Goofy I have ever seen.
Emry was such a great sport dressing up
and even helped Abriana get her candy.
My sweet sister Camey was the Mad Hatter with Alice this year.
They were so super cute together and Bayleigh love it.
(So did I)
Our big group shot of all the kids...
Grandpa Duane and Grandma Ami always
make it so much fun. The kids all love
coming over to their house.
They made their amazing chili also. We always eat
this on Halloween and look forward to it all year long.
This Dracula has met us at the door every year since
I can remember.
Thank you both for another great Halloween.
Happy 20th Anniversary to you also.
It sure was nice being part of such a special day.