Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy 3rd Brithday Bella

(So I know I am a bit behind in the blogging world so here is my attempt to catch up)
We Celebrated Bella's 3rd birthday in June. She wanted to go skating for her party, we did it a few days before her actual birthday so Auntie Ashley could be included in the festivities. We all met up at Roller King for a afternoon full of skating.
Camey also came and brought her twins that she watches.
We were so excited to meet Jordan and Jasmine...
( I promise Bella has two shoes, even though one seems to be missing in this picture).
We were so happy Ashley was able to be apart of Bella's skating party. Even though Ashley didn't skate, it worked out great cause Bella decided that she wasn't going to actually skate either, once we were all there with our skates on.
However, I made her keep her skates on and she just rolled around the skating rink. She was not a big fan of anyone trying to get her out on the hardwood floor. I did take her out once just to show her how fun it really was. Emry joined us half way around and after crying the entire way she looked up at him and said "That was not fun at all."
Grandma Joy and Brooklyn were best buds skating.
They had so much fun out there!
Dallas was a stud out on the floor in his roller blades.
Blake did a great job getting around the floor also.
He was so brave having not been skating in over a year.
Bayleigh on the other hand wanted
NOTHING to do with the skating floor...
I love this boy so much.
It sure was a great day and we all had a blast.
Even though Bella didn't end up skating she sure had a great time.
Little Bayleigh was happiest with her cup of ice water!