Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bella turned 4

We celebrated Bella turning 4
Fairytale town style.
We got there right when it opened so that it was still nice
outside and we didn't all melt before it was noon.
Funny thing is it turned out to be breezy and some of us actually
needed sweaters to stay warm.
It was such a great morning and the place was practically
empty. It was almost like we had it to ourselves.
Bella was so excited to turn 4. She is always trying to
keep up with Blake and Brooklyn!
All the kids had a blast...
One of my old time favorites is the crooked mile,
I think Bayleigh agrees!
It sure is hard to believe this one is already 4,
where does the time go?
Emry sure is one of her favorite people!
After we finished with Fairytale Town we
headed out to the park for some lunch.
Then it was time for the cake!
Bella picked a Strawberry Shortcake theme
this year for her party.
Make a wish sweet Bella
She sure was happy everyone was
able to come and celebrate with her this year!

Thank you to everyone who help make this day a special
one for her!
This girl sure knows how to celebrate
and so does her sister

Friday, July 9, 2010

Can you believe this

This simply can't be true...
Tell me it's not so...
Emry is officially done with elementary school.
He had his 6th grade graduation on the last
day of school and it went so great.
He is so big now and it's hard for me to believe that
this kid is going to be at Barrett Jr. high like his Mom and
Aunt Brittiny were. Great job Emry, you've done
an amazing job this far. We are so proud of you!