Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where has the time gone???

It has been way too long...
So much has happened and there is no
way I can catch up on it all 
so here is the fast recap of it...

Bayleigh is almost done with kindergarten 
and has loved it!
She turned 6 in January and I went through 
denial that we no longer have
babies in the family.

                                              He is in Jr. High now and turned 12 in February.
 Pre-teen has definitely been interesting but we are still
having fun with our Blakey boy!!! 

This little lady will be 10 on Easter and is still the 
little mommy of the house. She is doing great 
in 4th grade and is right on her brothers heels.

Now a 2nd grader she turns 8 in June. She
is now a Brownie and still is the cuddle
bug of the family.

I will be working hard on keeping this up to date... 
I have really missed doing it!