Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fourth and final

This is our sweet Bayleigh Rae, she just turned six months old and she is doing amazing. Our little baby can already sit up on her own and is well on her way to crawling. She is getting to the stage of teeth and just got to start baby food and loves it! She has the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen and just like her sisters, she is absolutely beautiful... We have been so blessed with having our little hootie in our lives!

Bella is third

This is our Bella Rose and that is exactly what she is! She just turned two in June, shockingly she is not so terrible. Having three kids was such a big step from two but Bella made it so easy. She is such a great little girl and her smile always makes you happy. Talking is something she is learning to master. Even though she's only eighteen months older then our last she still wants to be very helpful. She is our cuddly girl who loves to "hold you" as she would say! She calls herself "Me" instead of Bella and can already count to ten by herself. We love our Bella boo so much...

Brooklyn is the second

This is baby #2 also known as Brooklyn Reese, or as we like to call her "baby girl". This is our west coast girl with a east coast attitude! She is a spit fire who makes our heart melt and is just simply the greatest four year old we know... She loves littlest pet shops and my little ponies. She colors wonderful pictures that our fridge is just covered in and thinks that she is Cinderella. I didn't think it could get any better after Blake but she sure proved me wrong!

The first of our four

Our son Blake Nathaniel has got to be the greatest big brother. Even though at times he hates having to pick up after his sister's "again" he is always such a great sport. He turned six in February and is about to start the first grade. He keeps us busy with soccer and t-ball and poor with all the video games he thinks he needs. Having a boy has been something I have enjoyed some much. He has been such an amazing kid for us, we have been so spoiled by having him in our lives...

Camping with six kids...

Well needless to say dirt is a must.
Sure enough the kids managed to get it in everything.
It's everywhere you are and there's nothing you
can do about it!

Bella seem to be the winner as far as "who could wear the most dirt!" No matter how many times she got wiped off that darn dirt would just come back. I think the crunchy part of all her food became second nature by the end.

Grandma Jan found some great things down by the ocean for all of us to look at! She is always teaching even when she's not at work so we all learn from her...

The camping trip was right by the beach up in Fort Bragg and it was so beautiful. It was so nice to be in the cool air and away from the heat of Roseville. It never got above 70 degrees while we were there and it was freezing at night.

Even the older kids thought that playing in the dirt was the funnest thing to do. I guess they had to take full advantage cause this never happens at home. The boys didn't want to shower the entire time. This really was camping at it's fullest.

She was such a great girl. Very helpful and listened all the time. She loved playing with her friend Alex who was up there with his family.
Holding her for four days straight sure does take a toll on your back! Where's my sister Camey when I need her?
I of course didn't pack enough clothes for all the kids. I somehow got out of the apartment without any pants or underwear for Brooklyn so towards the end she was wearing Blake's stuff. It is almost like we have three little boys running around camp. The girls end up wearing old boys clothes every year.
Emry has come with us to each camping trip to Fort Bragg. This is the third year we have done this. The kids all have enough junk food to eat themselves sick. But we of course make sure the get real food also...
Trees Trees
And more trees
This was the first year Dallas came with us and he did a great job! I was so happy he was able to come with us this year...
Grandpa Marc was a great hand cleaner, no matter how much dirt they got into he would find them sooner or later!
She went around picking flowers and giving them to

everyone who would take one.
Joe and Ben were playing pass and Joe managed to throw the ball at the same time that Ben was jumping over a huge log. So when Ben turned to look up and the football smacked him right under the eye. Of course it has to be the end of the ball that hit him in the eye!
We only get these once in a while, usually one of us are the one behind the camera. Ben has to take it, my arm is to short and I always cut one of us out...Even on camping trips you can end up with twins outfits on accident. Bella and Auntie Kalynn dressed in yellow stripes and overalls.
Someone stop the three and four year old, their getting away with my baby!
For some reason Bayleigh gets treated like a doll.
We were all so tired by the end of this trip...

We need a vacation from our vacation!

Bayleigh's first big girl bath

Bayleigh had her first big girl bath today. This is really exciting for mom cause now she gets to shower alone after six and a half long months. She worked hard at mastering the grabbing of this toy! It kept floating away from her and she really wanted it. Then after all that work getting it she of course drops it. So once again back to work getting the toy.
That's when she decides that two hands and the mouth provided great coverage and insurance not losing it again. She kept track of it for the rest of the bath and made sure this toy was hers once the sister's got in the tub!