Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bella's Thanksgiving performance

Bella was the sixth little Indian in her song...
She was so cute up on stage with her
fellow kindergartens!
She knew all the words and we had so much fun watching
her cute little show.
Grandpa Duane came over from work to
Auntie Camey also came before her busy
day of school.
Here's Bella and Olivia,
what adorable little Indians
they made!
I am so thankful for cute little moments
like these. Our kids are growing up
so fast and I am going to miss these
sweet little activities.


Nicole said...

So sweet! I love the pics with you dad!

J'net said...

Glad to c the pics!! FUN times! Yeah for the Indians n Pilgrims n this season for thankfulness!!
Luv u guys!!