Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day

At 8:15 a.m. Blake came in and with the most excited voice possible says "He came mom, Santa came". We were still so tried from the night before that I asked him to wait just a bit longer and come lay in bed with us.
After about 20 minutes I started to fell bad, I could remember how excited I was year after year when Santa came. The last thing I wanted to do was lay back down with my parents and wait. Blake is always such a great sport...
We all got up out of our bed and headed down the hall to the girls room to wake them up. Brooklyn hopped right out of bed running right down the hall to check everything out. Bella on the other hand is a bear to wake up (she reminds a lot like the Sherrill kids when you try to wake them up). So it took a few more minutes to convinces her that waking up was really a good idea.
Once we got out there the whole room was full of excitement. Blake and Brooklyn passed out all the gifts, while Bella and Bayleigh sat waiting for the fun to begin.
It was such a great morning of watching our kids just have a great time on their Christmas morning.
Even Bayleigh got the whole idea of this being such fun...
As I sat there and watch our children open up their toys I thought about how truly blessed Ben and I are. We have four amazing kids, I thank the lord daily for thinking that I am good enough to be given the opportunity to raise them.
Our kids give me everything I need to be happy and I couldn't even imagine doing anything else with my life. Being a mom is the best gift that I could of ever been given and it's something I get every day.
We spent the entire morning at home hanging out and playing with all the new toys...
Santa brought Bayleigh her favorite little snack in her stocking
It really was a great morning
they all had so much fun
At around 4:00p.m. we headed over to Marc and Jan's house to do a bit more celebrating with them. It is always so relaxing over at their house.
We all went over in our p.j.'s so we were all super comfy for Christmas night.
They were so excited that they had even more stuff to open. I think that the whole idea of unwrapping things is what make it so exciting for them. They go around asking who else has gifts they can also open, of course they say they're just trying to be helpful ;)
We hope everyone had a great Christmas with their Families.
What a beautiful sky on the night of Christmas

Thanks to everyone for their cards and pictures. Thank you all our family for making this another great Christmas full of unforgettable memories.
We love you all!

Merry Christmas eve...

This year Ben and I got to play host for the Christmas eve dinner we share each year with my Dad and Ami!
It turned out so good, Ben did all the cooking.
We ate, talked and had a good time making memories together.
Not having to load up all the kids and take them somewhere made it that much easier to do. We would way rather cook then do all that any day!
The kids had a blast getting some great new things from the Grandpa Duane and Grandma Ami! They also got great stuff from Chi-chi and wo-wo!
Thanks everyone so much...
This was Bayleigh's first gift to open and she had a blast. She just wasn't sure had to get the toys out of the box! So when in doubt, climb on top of the box and bounce on it till you get someones attention to open for you.
Here's the kids getting right down to business
Daddy and Chelsey
Grandma Ami brought these super cute reindeer antlers and so of course that meant it was time for pictures of everyone who would wear them.
Say "Cheese"
and again
and again
(This actually took a few time to get of Bayleigh, she kept taking them off)
Sister and brother in-law
The whole group of kids all wearing their special Christmas P.J.'s.
You can't see the boys pants but they were really cute, black fleece with cross bones wearing Santa hats...

What a fun birthday it was...

On the 23rd of this month, was my 28th birthday!
I started the day off by being woken up by my husband and kids singing
"Happy Birthday" to me!
Then we headed of to lunch with my Dad and Ami,
we met up with them at Pacific Street Cafe.
(It's one of our favorite places)
What a great group shot!
Grandparents and the grand kids
Then we went home to hang out, here are the
girls just being really silly with each other
I took Dallas out to Kevin at his shop! They flew to Las Vegas
to spend Christmas with Kevin's Family...
It was fun to have Dallas with us there for part of my birthday!
For dinner we went to Mel's with Ben's family.
It is the perfect place for kids!
This sure was a great birthday
This was such a great birthday, I had a blast with all my family and friends I got to spend the day with. Thank you to everyone for all the "Happy Birthday" wishes. Having your birthday so close to Christmas really sucks, but I have a great support system to make it that much better.
(After dinner we did the Christmas light drive around the neighborhood in Rocklin. It is one of my favorite parts of my birthday)

Baby pig tails!

So Bayleigh finally has enough hair to put into baby piggy tails!
I just loved it so I thought I would share it with all you...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just sooo you Know

My sister Ashley and Camey have both started their own blogs also. I wanted to stay current on their many adventure of their big people lives, I asked and asked. So now there are two more blogs to check out for fun! Camey's had her's for a little while, Ashley just got her's going!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Check it out

Kacey and I have started a small tu-tu business! If you would like to see what we've got so far there is a link on my page to our new blog spot (No Ordinary tu-tu). Hope you enjoy what you see and thanks for checking it out!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Picking the perfect tree

We are a real tree family, no matter
what we will always be a real tree family.
(we had to take turns to take family pictures)
We have gotten our tree from the same tree lot every year since Blake was a baby. So this is something that we look forward to doing when the holiday season rolls around!

This is sweet Bayleigh's first year time there!
Kids being silly...

Here's Santa's little helper...
We got a great big douglas fur this year, their are favorite type pf Christmas tree.