Friday, August 29, 2008

Bayleigh crawling

Bayleigh started crawling on her seven month birthday. since then she has learned to take right off where ever she needs to go, it's usually after me!

My little sister Camey

My little sister Camey has been living her life in Switzerland for the last eight months. She is working for a family as a nanny taking care of their three adorable daughters. On her free time she gets to go to places like Paris, The South of France, The Swiss Alps, Italy and Amsterdam to name a few. She just got back from Spain where she got to take part in the worlds biggest tomato fight, listening to her stories are so crazy, cause other parts of the world do just wild things! I miss her so much but I know she is having a blast doing once in a life time opportunities with her life. We love you and miss you so much, Camey.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

California State Fair

Let the good times roll! For all those who remember the great times that we had at the state fair then you know exactly what that means...
Here we are doing the classic golden bear shot, you can't leave without taking one of these.

The garden was done up to look like Indiana Jones...
This is the Placer county display this year, it looked like a giant tree, they did a great job!
Here we are eating, of course you have to eat when your at the state fair!
Here is Emry acting like Mr. Napkin Head from "The Holiday"
Here are my mom and I, isn't that the best hat you've ever seen?
Bella being full of smiles, it's a bit blurry but I still loved it.
Emry playing around
I loved this look on my mom, she reminds me of "My Fair Lady"

Happy 10th birthday Emry

Emry had a double digit this year! He finally hit the big 10 and Chelsey had a pool party for him to celebrate.
There was pizza and crazy bread,
a great fruit salad that our step mom Ami made,
along with a really good cupcake cake that looked like a pool with rafts in it!
Everyone had so much fun swimming and eating. It is always so much fun celebrating kids, they get so excited to see everyone there having fun.
Bella loved the bubble makers that Chelsey got for the kids to play with.
Look how big he has gotten, pretty soon he'll be taller then me!
This is Isaiah, Chelsey's second little boy, I love the way he looks in these goggles!
Chelsey did such a great job again, she always does every year!
Happy birthday to the now decade old birthday boy, we love you so much Emry!

Good bye my sister!

This is Ashley just days before she left for her new adventure in the big concrete jungle. That's right Ash has finally made the big plunge and has moved to New York City!
We already miss her like crazy and can't believe that she won't be here to hang out, eat all our food and continue to share all the great memories we made these last few years. The girls miss their Ash (as they call her) like crazy. Now having both her and Camey gone makes it all a bit lonelier here, We love you Ash so much... Peace always.
Stay safe in that big city!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happ Birthday Grandma Jan

We went to P.F. Changs to celebrate Grandma Jans birthday this year.
We took the patio option for seating so that our sweet children could be a little bit less distracting for the rest of the restaurant.
They all really liked being able to play, I think that the need to make more restaurants more kids friendly anyways! Here is Grandma Jan with all her grand babies. Soon Joe and Kalynn will be adding their very first one to the group. Kelsea is due to join the Geddes Family at the end of September.
Bayleigh did so good hanging out in her highchair most of the night. As long as she got to keep sampling the food, she was happy as could be.

Blake sorta forgot that he was at a restaurant and thought that claiming on the walls would be a fun idea, which of course meant that they all needed to crawl on the wall.
Bella really like the birthday cake a lot. She did such a good job eating it and wearing it, but it's all about the fun, right?
Happy birthday Grandma Jan, We sure did have a blast on your birthday. It was fun seeing Aunt Nancy and Uncle David. The kids sure did love celebrating you on your special day!

Bayleigh's big smile

Bayleigh loves to smile, she is also so happy. This baby makes us always laugh, when she does all her little things. She does this silly laugh by breathing from her nose and when she's really happy bouncing up and down she goes...